30.04.2024 SHOWS & EVENTS


For an open professional world

On April 25, we at A2S opened our doors to ten highly motivated girls for Girls' Day, where they were able to get to know our technical and manual professions.

After a warm welcome in our administration department, the girls started their journey into the varied professional world of A2S. They learnt about our product development department and how our technical product designers digitally design our educational furniture. With the support of our employees Michael Simon and Patrick Sattler, they independently produced the design drawing of their own workpiece.

They then put the design into practice in our training workshop. Frank Scherbel, our training officer for wood mechanics, and our trainees Fabian Philipp and Lukas Ollraun actively supported them. The girls glued, sanded, screwed and oiled the prepared wooden parts with great dedication and in no time at all, each of them had completed their own shelf with smartphone holder.

In addition to the practical activities, the girls also explored our production facility together with Frank Scherbel. Here, they were able to look over the shoulders of our employees as they worked and discover how tables, chairs and cabinets for a wide range of learning activities are made from wood. The last stop on their tour was a visit to our warehouse. Philip Wachter, our training officer for warehouse logistics, told them more about our different warehouse areas and how varied the work in warehouse logistics is.

Our Girls' Day ended with a personal exchange of experiences with three colleagues who have been working in our craft or technical areas for many years. Maria Schulz herself trained as a technical product designer with us eight years ago. Carolin Richter is a trained metalworker and has been part of the A2S team for 21 years. Carmen Löffler is head of our chair assembly department and has been with A2S since 1986. The girls were able to hear first-hand about the experiences our colleagues have had on their career paths, the hurdles they have encountered and the opportunities that have opened up for them.

And what did the girls find most exciting? Definitely the activities where they were able to get involved themselves - whether in technical design or the production of their own workpiece. In the end, they were all proud of their Girls' Day souvenir, which they were able to take home along with their insights into the world of A2S.

We were just as proud of the girls and impressed by their manual and technical skills. Above all, we are pleased to be able to strengthen girls' interest in manual or technical professions through such activities, to make the world of work more diverse and to break down prejudices.


If you would like to find out more about our professional diversity, you can find further information, our vacancies and contact options on our careers page.