Community school Steißlingen, 2014


New extension added to the community school to implement a new pedagogical approach.

The appearance of the functionally self-sufficient new building connects to the existing school buildings: wooden element construction with a glass skin as climate buffer and façade protection. The idea of flexible learning and inclusion required the breaking up of classic room structures. In addition to the canteen, media library, specialist rooms, locker rooms, teacher's workroom and sanitary facilities, classrooms were created with spacious, open learning landscapes in front for maximum flexibility.

Architects: Dury+D'Aloisio Independent Architects BDA, Constance



Interior Design Concept

The flexible furnishings allow all forms of learning, from classical frontal teaching to study groups and quiet individual work. The color coding of the different areas provides orientation and emphasizes the spatial structure. In the corridors, students can learn independently or work on projects in groups, whether with mobile partitions in small, protected self-learning centers or by clustering individual tables in the larger group area. The flexible, stackable furniture allows for quick and easy rearrangement.


Quality, made in Germany. Products that will shape future generations require responsibility in the use of resources. Short production routes, no use of solvents and tropical woods, as well as the exceeding of required legal standards have already earned A2S numerous seals of approval and certificates.

Open learning landscape



Open learning landscape with A2S student desk and school chair