Multifunctional board element, white steel (80x120 cm)

Model 6814323

Multifunctional board element, white steel (80x120 cm)

Model 6814323


Board surface
White steel
Board rulings
Lineatur 01
1st school year, spacing 4:5:4:2 cm
Lineatur 02
2nd school year, spacing 3:4:3:2 cm
Lineatur 03
3rd school year, spacing 3.5:8 cm
Lineatur 04
4th school year, spacing 10 cm
Lineatur 08
4th school year, spacing 8 cm
Lineatur 05
Square box, 5x5 cm
Lineatur 10
Square box, 10x10 cm
Lineatur 11
Cross check, 5x5 cm
Lineatur 12
Cross check, 10x10 cm
Lineatur 15
Staves, spacing 2.5 cm


  • Board rails top and bottom, length 1 m
  • Blackboard eraser
  • Eraser Felt
  • Holder for whiteboard pens
  • Whiteboard pen
  • Magnets Ø 30 mm
  • Power magnets Ø 36 mm
  • Drawing tool set, 4 pieces
  • Drawing tool set, 4 pieces
  • Drawing tool set, 6 pieces
  • Rulings 01/ 02/ 03/ 04/ 05/ 08/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 15


  • Board elements with robust and impact-resistant ASSODUR® edge can be easily moved one behind the other thanks to the double-rail profile system.
  • Invisible rail fastening compensates for unevenness of the walls
  • Upper rail includes picture clamps with integrated gallery hooks
  • Plastic caps at all ends of the rails prevent the panel elements from being pushed out unintentionally
  • Ideal for group work at the table: board elements are removable
  • Multifunctional boards can also be mounted on cabinet walls
  • Magnetic surface can be written on with whiteboard pens

Standard version

Writing surface made of enamelled and magnetic steel, glued with sandwich carrier plate. With rounded and waterproof polyurethane ASSODUR® edges on all sides.

Double-grooved aluminum board rails with plastic caps at all ends. Comes in a variety of lengths. Mounting of the board elements also possible in landscape format (smaller distance between rails).


DIN EN 14434

Technical specifications

Width 80 cm
Height 120 cm
No. of writing surfaces 2
Weight 7 kg