Municipal HIGH school langenfeld


Municipal high school Langenfeld, 2016


New construction of a three story school building with space for up to 500 learners as well as administration and supply areas.

The modern construction of the "Lerncampus Stadtmitte" brings classical and new forms of learning under one roof. Seventeen student groups learn here in classrooms, specialty areas or one of the two self-learning centers - depending on the need for space and equipment. The open foyer and the cafeteria provide lively meeting places for everyone throughout the day.

Architects: Architecture/overall planning: City of Langenfeld
Specialist planning for furnishings/equipment: gpe-Meschede



Interior Design Concept

The furnishing follows the simple, friendly concept of the building. A lively mix of materials, colors and shapes creates high-quality and functional learning landscapes with a feel-good atmosphere. The cafeteria, the heart of the school, invites you to linger with its modern comfort.

The airy foyer can be equipped with seating and thus converted into an auditorium for up to 250 people. Individual desks in all learning rooms allow flexibility for individual work, frontal teaching or group collaboration. The large media centers can be used individually or by whole classes - digitally and conventionally.


Quality, made in Germany. Products that will shape future generations require responsibility in the use of resources. Short production routes, no use of solvents and tropical woods, as well as the exceeding of required legal standards have already earned A2S numerous seals of approval and certificates.

Media Center



Student lounge



Media center with IT workstations


Student lounge and study area