Office USA

A2S Incorporated

62 Enter Lane | Islandia

New York | 11749


Managing Director

Matthias Stegner, Michael Stegner, Thomas Müller


Phone: 631.501.1057

E-mail: info[at]


A2S-Furnishing Systems LTD

ASS-Einrichtungssysteme GmbH

A2S-Adam-Stegner-Straße 19

96342 Stockheim



Managing Director

Matthias Stegner, Michael Stegner


Postal address

P.O. Box 1154

96338 Stockheim



Phone: +49 9265 808-0

Fax: +49 9265 808-201

E-mail: info[at]


A2S-Furnishing Systems Ltd. is registered in the commercial register of Coburg Local Court under HRB 3395.

The sales tax identification number is DE 218715721.

The employer identification number is 30-1012200.

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