Sled-base chair

Model 7800

Sled-base chair

Model 7800

Wherever furniture is subject to particularly heavy use, we rely on PAGHOLZ®. During production, thin layers of wood veneer are pressed into the desired shape under heat with up to 2,000 tons of pressure. As a result, our PAGHOLZ® shells, despite their slim cross-section, are extremely robust and resistant: scratch and wear resistant, impact and break resistant, stain and abrasion resistant, lightfast, resistant to chemicals, flame retardant and self-extinguishing.

The robust frame made of micro-alloyed steel ensures a safe stand. The standard version is epoxy coated and available in many attractive colors or optionally in chrome-plated.


  • PAGHOLZ® Color Wood - Price group 2
  • Handle hole
  • Felt floor protectors
  • Chair frame chrome plated


  • PAGHOLZ® from sustainable forestry
  • Optionally with grip hole, round or oval, modern and practical for carrying
  • PAGHOLZ® is extremely scratch and wear resistant, impact and break resistant, resistant to staining and abrasion as well as resistant to embers and chemicals.
  • Ergonomically and orthopedically adapted, waisted shell shape for all ISO sizes from 2-7
  • Extremely stable sled frame due to 1.5 mm wall thickness
  • Stackable up to 7 chairs (only without seat and backrest upholstery)

Standard version

PAGHOLZ® waisted shell, with ergonomic three-dimensional shell shape. Surface melamine coated and pore sealed with a scratch, impact and abrasion resistant finish created in the pressing process. Seat and back surface with pressed-in texture.

Sled base with strong seat support plate, round tube: 20/1.5 mm, standard version epoxy coated. With plastic floor protector.

Load capacity

125 kg


FEMB level:2017 (Level 3)

DIN EN 1729-1, DIN EN 1729-2


Size 2 3 4 5 6 7
Chair width 40 cm 43 cm 45 cm 48 cm 50 cm 50 cm
Chair height 54 cm 59 cm 66 cm 72 cm 78 cm 84 cm
Seat height 30 cm 34 cm 38 cm 42 cm 46 cm 50 cm
Chair depth 38 cm 41 cm 44 cm 47 cm 50 cm 53 cm
Stackability 5 pcs. 5 pcs. 5 pcs. 5 pcs. 7 pcs. 7 pcs.
Weight 3 kg 4 kg 4 kg 4 kg 5 kg 5 kg