Modern pedagogical concepts are placing new demands on the learning environment - largely because of the increasingly heterogeneous composition of learning groups. Unlike in traditional classrooms, children of different age groups are now  frequently learning together in one space. Especially in elementary schools and day care facilities, this leads to enormous differences in physical size among the students.

The learning concept of teaching at eye level is on the rise. For this idea to be implemented effectively, it is vital that all learners can look each other in the eye while seated together. Until now, height-adjustable furniture has often been the solution to accommodate the differences in student size, but this does not allow all students to be at the same level.

The A2S footrest chair has been specifically designed to enable young and old to learn together at eye level. The tool-free, easy adjustment of the footrest means that everyone from the smallest student to the teacher can sit comfortably at the same table.



A Table height

B Distance seat to floor

C Footrest position/seat height

Different seat shell sizes and adjustment levels for the footrest mean that a healthy and comfortable sitting position can be quickly and easily created for all children - so that nothing stands in the way of learning at eye level.

More dimensions and product details can be found on the product pages and in our product brochure.


Brings everyone to the table.

The footrest can be easily and safely adjusted to the right height with just one hand. The brackets prevent the footrest from tilting or being removed. This makes it possible for different age groups to work together at a uniform table height of 76 cm.

All mechanical parts are safely concealed and the durable material of the footrest is resistant to moisture and dirt from shoes. Special floor protectors prevent the chair from tipping or tilting.

The footrest chair is available with the PAGHOLZ® or FLEX seat shell. With its two different sizes, it creates the best solution for cross-grade learning.

PAGHOLZ® chair with small shell for children from 108-142 cm, 119-159 cm and with large shell from 119-176 cm

FLEX chair with small shell for children from 108-159 cm and with large shell from 119-176 cm

Stackable up to 3 chairs

FLEX (small shell) with plastic cover on underside offers stacking and edge protection as well as chair bumpers with slip resistance

Patented one-hand operation; easy to adjust without tools

Floor protectors with tilt protection and replaceable inserts made of plastic or felt

Sustainable floor protectors

The new A2S footrest chair floor protectors are available with either plastic or felt inserts. When worn, the click inserts can be easily replaced.

Plastic inserts

Felt inserts

Easy replacement of the inserts


  • Sitting together at a uniform table size with a working height of 76 cm (Size 6)
  • Easy and tool-free adjustment of the footrest height with only one hand
  • Factory installed footrest won't tilt or detach from chair legs
  • Footrest material is resistant to dirt and moisture from shoes
  • Replaceable floor protector inserts made of plastic or felt
  • Floor protectors prevent tipping or tilting of chair for safe entry and exit
  • Can be stacked on tabletops and up to 3 chairs can be stacked together for storage
  • Patented footrest adjustment mechanism (patent number 10 2017 102 725.4)